Thursday, January 3, 2019

New Year, New Goals!

Happy New Year Everyone!! I hope you all had a wonderful new year's day.  It's already the third day of the year and I am just getting around to posting my goals.  Here goes:

1. Put a minimum of $11,000 to retirement.  ($6,000 to Roth and $5,000 to taxable). I am loving the increase in contributions to the Roth.  It's $6,000 this year, in case you have not heard!  The $11,000 goal is an increase of $500 from last year.
2. Increase replacement car fund to $12,000.
3. Give a minimum of $400 to charity. This is an increase of $100 from last year.
4. Increase Emergency Fund to $20,000.
5. Pay down mortgage principal so that the PMI can be removed.  I'm so close, only 5 or 6 months to go!
6. Read 12 books
7. Lose 20lbs
8. Increase social activities.
9. Learn coding.
10. Learn more about my family history.
11. Meditate.
12. Be kinder and more patient.
13. Increase FI/FU fund to $1,200.
14. Figure out my purpose in life. 

What are your goals for the new year?  Any special ones that you would like to share?

I hope that my next post is an update on my 2018 goals.  Have a great day everyone! 


  1. figuring out your life's purpose is no small thing, counselor. 20k is a nice big emergency fund. i hope you're getting at least 2% on that in a savings account.

    i would like to learn some more technical stuff about this blogging and if that includes learning some code that would be a bonus. i might have to try kahn academy or something free. i wouldn't mind learning just enough to make some location independent money in retirement. also, great idea on the car replacement savings bucket. we might need to buy one in the next couple of years. be aware of potential home repairs too as we escaped most of the big ones for years but in '17 we needed a roof and '18 needed a big paint job. luckily we were ready. best of luck with it all.

  2. I have $5,000 of my EF in an account earning 2%, the rest is just sitting in my bank account. I plan to try to learn coding from websites. Yes, home repairs are a money drain. For now, I plan to leave home repairs in the emergency fund bucket. After I get the EF to $20k, I will start saving for home repair issues. I definitely will need a new fridge soon.

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