Monday, November 16, 2020

Retirement Contributions for 2020 Complete


My goal this year was to contribute $11,000 (after tax money) to my retirement accounts.  I have completed this goal today!! This has been an expensive year for me and I am so glad and so happy that I was able to make this goal happen!! When I logged in and transferred the money it pushed my retirement accounts to over $66,000.

I know that this has been a tough year financially for a lot of people.  I don't share this news to brag.  I just want to have a record of my journey. I feel like I am accomplishing things in spite of this pandemic. I hope that if things go poorly for me, as they have for so many others, I will at least have this money to fall back on. (Or at least some of it if the stock market crashes). 

In other news, I have to undergo a $1,200 dental/periodontal procedure during covid-19.  I thankfully will be able to cash flow it.  I'm a little nervous about it and I hope it goes well.  Keep your fingers crossed for me!

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