Friday, June 16, 2017

Roth Update

Yesterday was payday and I contributed another $1,000 to my Roth.  My Roth is now worth over $15,000!  $15,358 to be exact!  Building up assets in a Roth IRA is slow going, but finally hitting the $15,000 milestone is so exciting.  My next goal is $20,000, but that probably won't happen until next year as I can only contribute $2,496 more for 2017.  Keep your fingers crossed for more growth! I really hope that by the end of the year my Roth will be worth close to $19,000.  However, I realize that at the market is unpredictable and anything can happen.

My 2017 Roth contributions are below:

4/14/17- $1,004
5/15/17- $1000
6/15/17- $1,000

I just like to track things so later when I look back at my blog I can see what I did and how far I have come over the years.  Outside of my Roth I intend to contribute another $2,000 towards retirement into a taxable account for 2017. 

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