Saturday, July 15, 2017

I got a raise!!

It was completely out of the blue and unexpected.  I received a $5,000 a year raise which will take place next pay period.  I've already done the math and this will amount to $140 more each pay period. 

I don't know why my bosses decided to give me a raise.  Wait, well let me clarify.  I work very hard, take on extra responsibilities at work and work more than 40 hours a week.  I often end up doing the work of others as well.  However, that type of work ethic, generally, is not rewarded at the firm.  For example, my boss's assistant has been given almost $30,000 in raises over the course of 7 years of employment.  She is rarely at work and because my boss does not work she often does not have much to do.  Even when she is given work, she sometimes doesn't do it.  My boss asked me to ask her (yes, I know- we were all literally in the same building on the same floor) to prepare a list of cases.  Six weeks later, she finally did it.  After, apparently, some prodding by my boss to get it done. The list couldn't have take more than 10 minutes to prepare.

Regardless, I am pleased to be included in the smallish pool of employees that were given raises.  This is my third raise in 6 years.  My first raise was about $7,000, my second was about $3,850 and this, my third, was $5,000.


  1. That is a great raise! Congratulations! Any plans for this extra money?!

  2. Awesome. Glad your hard work is recognized. Save that extra money or invest it😉