Thursday, April 12, 2018

Secrets and Lies

I don't know about everyone else, but throughout my life I often seem to be in opportune (or inopportune) places to hear sensitive, scandalous or private information.  No, I'm not eavesdropping, sometimes people will voluntarily reveal information to me- maybe because I'm the only other person around.  Sometimes it is said in such a place that I am unable to avoid overhearing the information.  

Due to the nature of the information I have been made privy to I cannot disclose it to those close to me as it would ruin friendships, working relationships or simply be construed as gossip.  I'm not the type to want to cause drama in the lives of my friends, family or work relationships. So, your beautiful ears (or eyes rather) will get to hear the random secrets and lies that I hear. I figure my blog can act as my stress relief/venting place for all of the craziness I hear. 

First up--a girl that I work with who I have previously referred to as "Michelle".  "Michelle" is my boss's assistant. She used to live up north, I believe in Illinois.  When I first started working with "Michelle" she shared with me her reasons for moving to Florida.  Apparently, she was working 2 jobs to make ends meet because she had gotten kicked out of the College she was attending due to her poor grades.  Well, shortly thereafter, she got fired from both jobs.  One for stealing money (she was a cashier) and the other for stealing a company laptop and surreptitiously accessing confidential email (regarding plans for the company, payroll and pay raises, etc.).   After getting fired from both jobs she moved down to Florida for a "fresh start". 

Once she got to Florida she began applying for jobs, however, she was not having much luck so she lied on her application about having a college degree (remember she got kicked out of College).  After she made that change she was able to get a job and worked there for about 3 or 4 years.  Well her boss, suddenly, retired and she was out of work again.  She started looking for another job and, again, decided to lie on her resume and put that she had graduated from College.  One of the companies that she applied to actually checked to see if she had graduated from College and found that she did not.  The company wrote her a letter advising her to never apply for a job with them again due to her dishonesty.  I just wasn't sure how to react when she told me this information.  I kinda stared at her with my mouth open.  I have never revealed this information to anyone else because I was worried that it could get her fired from this job. I can't be responsible for affecting the financial well-being of another. 

I could go on and on about her secrets and lies, but that is enough for now.  Maybe, I will another series on this topic later.  Have  you ever had someone tell you private or scandalous information?  How did you react?  What did you do?


  1. Yes! A married co-worker was flirting on line with an old beau who was abusive to her online.
    We warned her to discontinue the online relationship, but no, she met up with him in Tennessee, ( we live in FL) and slept with him.

    It was all she talked about. I had to let go of the friendship. It was just too much.

    1. Oh Goodness! I kinda did the same thing. After all that information and a few other strange confessions, I pretty much stopped talking to her.

  2. I can't recall anyone telling me something as damaging as this, just the workplace pseudodrama stuff.
    What an idiot though.....both to do something like this and then to tell a coworker! lolz

    1. I know, it was so strange. I don't really talk to her. Kinda afraid of what else she might say.

  3. I made the acquaintance of a cashier in a grocery store I frequented. She encouraged me to use coupons I brought with me but did not purchase the item. I always said no thanks.

    Then, she moved to a job as a teller. She told me it was against the rules, but she often logs into a person's account just to see what they make and how much money they have. I was shocked and told her to not get fired.

    She then got a job as a pharmacy tech. She told me who all was taking what drug for what condition. I made sure to never use a drugstore where she worked.

    There was drama with her only child about her relationship with the youth minister. I commented that someone should investigate the guy. She said that when she was 15, age of her daughter, she had sex with lots of guys and it was fun. She said she did not care who her daughter had sex with.

    Later, another cashier at the place where I met her said the friend of mine was forced to take a week's vacation. The management said with her not there, they had only 1/4 of the amount of coupons used at the store. Well, she was fired, something she never told me.

    She was so dishonest! I had another friend who was also dishonest as the day is long! I cut off both friendships.

    1. It's so sad that people act that way and don't respect other people's privacy. It's also so hard to deal with people like that. I never know how to react. I'm glad you cut off the friendship.

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