Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Budget Breakdown August 16-31

I haven't had a chance to post a budget breakdown in awhile.  Life has been busy and hectic.  There have been a lot of changes work and personally.  I don't have time to post about everything right now, but I will, hopefully do so at some point in the future.  Anyways here is the budget breakdown.

$310 utility bill
$100 groceries
$189 Emergency fund- finally back up to $15,000!!
$473 dentist bill- mouth guard
$177 dentist bill- cavity and 6 month exam
$550 retirement- yay!!
$33 alarm monitoring
$200 spending
$100 gas
$250 furniture fund
$150 mom fund

There is all is!! I'm too tired to post anything else, but I hope to be back soon. 

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Net Worth Update

Here is where things stood as of the end of July 2016 

$9,811.33 Emergency Fund
$5,746.47  Online Savings Account/$720 of that amount is for my Car Replacement Fund
$5,729.92 Retirement- Roth IRA
$1,292.17 New Furniture Fund
$960.78 Travel Fund (Work)

$274,999-per zillow

                  Total (not including home): $23,540.67 
                  Total (including home): $298,539.67

$473 dentist bill- this will be paid from my 8/15 paycheck  
                   Total (not including mortgage): -$473
                    Total (including mortgage): -$219,450.10

                                     Total Net Worth(not including mortgage): $23,067.67
                                     Total Net Worth(including mortgage): $79,089.57

My net worth is up $6,191.15 from last month!