Friday, February 22, 2019

February Going Ons

Hey Everyone, it has been awhile!  I have been having some internet problems and computer problems and by the end of the day, I just don't have the energy to fool around with computers.   Everything is back up and working now!

Does anyone have any interesting weekend plans?  I plan to work in the yard.  I need to clear out the flower beds, etc. There are lots of weeds and bugs to deal with here in Florida.  I may even cut the grass this weekend.  The temperatures are supposed to reach the 80s this weekend.  I also need to clean the garage and the shed and the back porch and and and.....

On to the finances. I contributed $500 to my Roth IRA this month.  This was only half of what I contributed last month.  However, I only have $4,500 left to contribute for the year.  Don't forget the contribution limit increased to $6,000 this year!  Once I max out my Roth I will move on to my taxable account. 

I paid $1,000 towards my furniture bill. Only $1,900 left to pay off! I can't wait to be debt free (except for my mortgage again).  This is the 0% financing deal that I used to replace my 13 year old mattress, etc. 

 I donated $50 to charity this month. This went to my law school.  I usually contribute $100 a year to my alma mater.  I already gave $50 in January, so I am done with that for the year.  Next month I will probably give to my local legal aide organization. 

I did add $200 to my savings account and $50 to my pet care fund.  I also paid my almost $200 escrow shortage. 

 All of my credit cards remain paid in full, but I do owe my dentist office $10 for my most recent cleaning (from Monday).  I hate when they bill later, I'd rather pay when I leave, but oh well. 

Have a wonderful Friday!

Tuesday, February 12, 2019



I filed my income taxes early last week and I will be getting a $112 refund.   I am so incredibly excited that I don't owe any money!!

I looked back through my bank statements last year to see the amount of my tax refund.  Last year I received a $1,184 refund.  That's over a $1,000 drop from my tax refund last year.  The only reason I have received a refund over the last few years is because of my mortgage/home ownership. Previously, I was pretty much breaking even. 

However, due to the changes in the tax code, I took home an extra $2,400 last year.  That plus the $112 refund results in approximately $2,500 more take home pay for me!! That's approximately an extra $1,300 in take home pay (after subtracting out my $1,184 over payment) as compared to previous years. 

Happy Tuesday!!