Monday, March 16, 2020

Coronavirus Happenings

I hope everyone is staying safe during this pandemic.  I feel as though everyone has lost their minds. Here in North Florida everyone has been panic shopping and toilet paper is in short supply.  I just want to stay in my house and wait this thing out. Luckily, my office has asked us to work from home indefinitely.  I will probably work from the office if everyone else stays home.  It will be nice and quiet. I'll probably go in around 9a.m. and leave about 3:30 or 4:00p.m.

I did buy some toilet paper (12 pack) and it should last a month.  I do not intend to go into anymore stores. 

I do have to go out of town this week.  I have been feeling unwell (Stomach issues- definitely not COVID-19).  I'm definitely not looking forward to traveling or staying in a hotel later this week. Or eating out in restaurants. I am bringing apples, beef jerky, bottled water, etc.  Hopefully I won't have to eat out in a restaurant. 

Sigh.  People, seriously, do not let your children become lawyers.  There are many law firms which are not permitting employees to work from home even though the work could easily be done from home. I have several court imposed deadlines which are still in place which require me to get travel.  (It's hard to do a site inspection from home when your discovery deadline is at the end of the month).

That's all I can muster for a Monday night.  Stay safe everyone.