Thursday, June 25, 2020

Roth maxed

 Update- too many typos.  I had to fix at least some of them.

There is soooo much turmoil going on in the world right now and I have not been able to put together a post about it.  The virus and the racism are entirely too much to bear. The world seems deeply divided into two camps: people who believe that the virus is real and that racism exists and people who do not believe in either.

Despite this deep traumatic existence we are living through, I am trying to persist. So the good news is that I maxed out my roth! My retirement balances haven't really increased much from where they were at the peak earlier this year (prior to Covid-19). I just hope to make good purchases during these dips in the market and hopefully when this is all over I will feel much more on track for retirement.

My contributions to my roth for 2020 were as follows:

1/3/20   $100
1/4/20   $100
1/15/20 $1000
1/31/20 $100
2/14/20 $800
2/18/20 $100
2/27/20 $100
2/28/20 $200
3/5/20   $850
3/31/20 $100
4/15/20 $1000
5/1/20   $100
5/30/20 $100
6/15/20 $800
6/24/20 $550