Saturday, August 23, 2014

Student loan update

I have not heard anything back about the corporate position I applied for a few days ago.  Again, I doubt that I will.  No new jobs have been posted. I think I will be writing a blog post about my feelings about leaving and my compulsive need to try and save failing things (relationships included).  Otherwise,there is nothing else to report on the new job search front.

On to the student loan update!  As of today, between the 2 outstanding loans, I owe $25,966.01.   The big loan, as of today, totals $20,399.30.  The small loan totals, $5,566.71.  The small loan is paid up until December 16, 2016.  I put all of my extra payments on this small loan.  The loans originally totaled $43,101, they are on a 25 YEAR repayment plan and I have been paying on these loans for almost 9 years (the interest rate is 2.875%).  My goal is to have the loans paid off by the end of NEXT year and finally be DEBT FREE!! I have a feeling I might not make that goal, but I will definitely give it a good old fashioned try. 

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Job Search

I did it.  I applied for a new job, it's a corporate position. It would be mostly contract review and regulatory compliance issues...boring, however, I would like to gain some corporate experience.  I don't really qualify for the job, but I thought I would give it a shot. There aren't many attorney positions being advertised right now as this is kind of a small town.  Typically, most senior attorney/associate positions are advertised in the early part of the year in this area.  I am hopeful that I will have a new job by next spring, but I don't have any high expectations.  I feel good about taking a step towards getting out of this firm, I really feel like I am being taken advantage at this point.  I am of the opinion that most jobs are generally the same anywhere you go and there will always be something that is unsatisfying about any position.  Nevertheless, I feel like I should be unsatisfied and taken advantage of at a different place for more money.  I hope to post some updates about the trials and tribulations of my impending job search. 

Friday, August 8, 2014

$20 Bill

I just wanted to announce that I found the $20 bill that I thought that I lost a few weeks ago!  I did put the bill in my purse, in my wallet even.  However, I did not put the bill in the usual place where I keep my money, I somehow managed to put the bill securely in the pages of my checkbook!  So, of course, in my haste to look for the bill I did not see it tucked so deeply in the pages of my checkbook.  The other day driving home from a deposition my wallet was open on the seat next to me and the $20 was peeking out at me. Score!

Monday, August 4, 2014

Debt Update

How are things going for you guys financially?  Things are slow going here,which is driving me so absolutely crazy. 

As things stand today I owe:

$220 on my capital one card.  This is for continued dental payments ($188 consultation fee with yet another oral surgeon) and the monthly fee for my home security system.  This card is essentially paid off monthly.  It is a 0% card until December of 2014. 

Approximately $26,090 worth of student loans (this is broken down into 2 separate student loans (1)$20,387 and (2)$5,703- I hope that math is right??) This includes the interest that will accrue for the next 2 weeks until I make another payment. 

My monetary assets include:
$10,006 in emergency savings
$1,421 in an interest bearing savings account
$1,650 in a dental fund (this is just money saved up in my checking account, which is specifically set aside for dental work).

I put $1,500 a month aside for dental work.  This is killing me because that money could go towards my student loans.  I could knock out the small loan so quickly if I could just apply that amount to the loan.  I just don't want to accrue any more debt while paying off the loans; especially debt that I have to pay interest on. The interest rate on my student loans is 2.88%. The interest rate on my credit card will be around 13% after December. So I will continue to cash flow my dental work, while slowly chipping away at the student loan debt.   Sigh.