Saturday, September 16, 2023

Savings Accounts


I have 2 savings accounts, one with Ally and one with Marcus.  My Ally account is paying 4.25% and my Marcus account just sent an email stating that the rate was raised to 4.40%. I remember when I opened my Ally account and I THINK it was paying 0.6%.  It has increased 7X since I opened it!

My Ally account has over $16,000 in it and I earn approximately $57 a month.  

My Marcus account has over $38,000 in it and I earn approximately $135 a month. 

That's almost $200 a month in passive income!!!! 

I want to find additional ways to increase my passive income.  I want to make money while I sleep!

I only have my savings accounts, my brokerage account and my retirement accounts as passive income. 

What do you do to earn passive income?  Comment below! 

Sunday, August 6, 2023

2023 Goals


I haven't really sat down to make any goals for 2023.  I know it's August, but I figure it's never too late. 

1. Contribute $15,000 to retirement with the goal of having $145,000 by the end of the year.  As it stands today I have approximately $138,000.  I do no yet qualify for my firm's 401k plan. 

2. Pay the mortgage down into the $140,000s. 

3. Donate $1500 to charity.   

4. Increase savings to $57,500. 

Do you have any goals for 2023?  Please share in the comments. 

Saturday, August 5, 2023

Update on Job Application


I did not get the non-litigation position that I applied for a few months ago. I just found out on Thursday.  It was not unexpected and was definitely a long shot from the beginning.  There a few more non-litigation positions that I will apply for, hopefully, tomorrow.  I just want to stay in the same salary range, $140k to $160k.  My job is entirely too stressful, and it affects my mental health.  I have tried anti-anxiety and antidepressants and they do not seem to help very much. I'll keep pushing along and find the right fit for me.  

Sunday, July 23, 2023


Hello.... Is anybody out there???? Wow, I have been gone a super long time!! I miss blogging!  I have been intermittently reading blogs over the past couple of years but have not been able to comment from my phone.  I hope all is well in the personal finance world.  I have so many updates to provide!  I'll be brief and start with the basics for now. 

I changed jobs in January.  I am working for another law firm.  My dream is to get into a non-litigation position. I hope one day I can transition into that kind of work. My base salary is the same.  $160k a year.  There is a non-litigation position I have been eyeing which would be approximately $220k a year. However, the position has been empty since at least October of 2022. I'm not sure why it has not been filled. It has been advertised 3 or 4 times. 

As of today, I have approximately:

$54,000 between 2 savings accounts. 

$121,000 total in my Roth and taxable brokerage account 

$17,000 in my 401k from my old firm 

$30,000 in checking. 

I owe approximately $152,381 on my mortgage. 

I pay off my credit cards monthly. 

Zillow has estimated the value of my house as $432,000.  

My net worth including my home is about $501,619.