Saturday, November 26, 2016

Retirement Savings for 2016-Complete

My goal was to save $9,000 for retirement this year and I have officially completed that goal.  As of November 15, 2016 I managed to tuck away $9,000 into my retirement account.  The value of my retirement account currently sits at $9,449.  I had a goal to earn 5% on my retirement fund this year and I just might make that. 

Technically, I have made more than 5% on my retirement account because I still have $935 (part of $9,000) sitting in my settlement fund.  So only $8,065 has actually been invested.  

Let's just hope that the stock market continues to make smooth, steady progress upwards throughout the end of the year.

How are you guys doing on your retirement accounts this year?

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Shout Out to Double Debt Single Woman!!

In a recent blog post Double Debt Single Woman wrote about how she just found my blog.  Go check her out at She is documenting her journey out of a ton of debt and it is a really great read.  Check out her blog and wish her luck on her journey out of debt. 

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Net Worth- End of October

Here is where things stood as of the end of October 2016 

 $10,000 Emergency Fund
$6,479.62  Online Savings Account/$1,440 of that amount is for my Car Replacement Fund
$8,701 Retirement- Roth IRA
$2,228 House fund
$513 Travel Fund (Work)

$273,355-per zillow

                  Total (not including home): $27,921
                  Total (including home): $301,276

Mortgage $217,617
                   Total (not including mortgage): 0
                    Total (including mortgage): -$217,617

                                     Total Net Worth(not including mortgage): $27,921
                                     Total Net Worth(including mortgage): $83,659

Net worth, not including mortgage, increased by $1,303.
Net worth, including mortgage, decreased by $4,087.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Third Quarter Check In

Third Quarter Check I- this is totally late, I know. 

At the beginning of the year I made several goals.  Let's see how I am doing.

1. Pay off student loan-DONE

I paid off my final student loan in January!!

2. Increase emergency fund to $15,000- DONE

I increased my emergency fund to $15,000 in Mid- February, however later I pulled money out to fund my Roth for 2015.  Last check in I had about, $14,000.  I am back up to $15,000 right now.

3. Save $2,000 towards a new vehicle- IN PROGRESS
I have saved $1,440 towards my new car.

4. Begin retirement contributions and save $5,500 towards retirement- DONE-ISH
I modified this goal to save $9,000 a year towards retirement. I have contributed $8,720 towards retirement.  Only $280 left to go.

5. Begin investing in mutual funds- FAIL
I haven't started investing yet.  I modified this goal.  I decided to put $9,000 towards retirement this year.  $5,500 went towards my ROTH for 2015 and $3,500 will go towards my 2016 ROTH.  Next year will I put the amount over and above that which I can put into a ROTH into a mutual fund.

6. Maintain a $1,000 (work) travel fund- IN PROGRESS
  This ebbs and flows though because I travel for work and it takes 2 to 3 months for reimbursements.  I have 1 travel voucher outstanding. 

7. Build a $1,000 car maintenance fund- FAIL
I have been focusing on the Roth and saving money for new furniture. 

8. Build a $500 home maintenance fund- FAIL KIND OF
I have been focusing on the Roth and saving money for new furniture.  I tend to think of my new furniture fund as a home maintenance fund.  I have $2,200 saved for household expenses.

9. Build a $750 medical fund- FAIL
I have been focusing on the Roth and saving money for new furniture.

10. Build a $500 pet fund- FAIL
I have been focusing on the Roth and saving money for new furniture.

11. Lose 30lbs!!!!- IN PROGRESS
I have lost 6 lbs.  Still working on this goal.  

12. Read 24 books- IN PROGRESS
Behind on this goal- I've only read 10 books this year.

13. Travel somewhere cool!- FAIL
Total fail. No money and no time. Too many family emergencies.