Monday, March 31, 2014

Spendy, spendy

I am ready to be done with all of the dental work. I can't seem to catch a break.  I got the root canal done at the total cost of $1,090.  I went to have the crown put on and the dentist thinks the tooth is too short.  He wants the oral surgeon to cut away some of the gum to make more room for the crown. So no crown for me yet.  My consultation with the oral surgeon is not until next month so I am in a holding pattern.  I hate waiting. 

I can't seem to stop spending money.  Right know I am coveting a leaf blower so I don't have to sweep after I cut the grass. I found a cheap one for $38, trying not to spend the money though. I need to be strong.

I got paid today. Here's the fall out:
$1,447 mortgage
$300 student loan
$70 cat insurance
$70 groceries
$227 spending
$100 gas
$200 savings

I am going to open a saving account with capital one 360.  Its APY is 0.75% with a $25 sign up bonus. It has no fees and no minimum balance.  It's an online only account.  I hope it works out for me.  I will let you know after a few months.  That's all for now.

Monday, March 24, 2014


I'm feeling so frustrated. Why is life always so stressful?  I am really hating work right now. I have been coming in later than I normally do, still earlier than required, but later.  I am more apt to leave early as well.  I want a raise for putting up with all the bullshit and taking on all of the extra responsibility. 

I am also frustrated because I'm paying for all of this dental work instead of paying off my student loan, so then I can buy some new furniture. Not important to buy new furniture, but I want it. I guess I just have a case of the "wants".  Also, my mom is having issues: she needs a new computer, her microwave is broken and something may be wrong with her septic tank.  I want to provide for her.  I want to pay for all of the dental work she needs, but I can barely take care of myself.  I feel like a failure and that depresses me more.  Sigh.  I need to do something to put myself in a better mood. 

Friday, March 21, 2014

I want to be happy

I really do, but I feel like happiness evades me. My boss has been being a real pain in the ass again.  I can barely stand it.  I have searched and there are no jobs being advertised that will pay anything comparable to my current salary.  I'm so frustrated.  I told him I was frustrated with him and it has resulted in him walking on egg shells for the last week around me.  He's so childish, too bad he's in his 60s.

Everything is running okay with regard to my finances, not great, but okay.  I need to pay more attention and stop spending so much on unnecessary things. Then I can put any leftover spending money on my student loans. Oh well, I will try to do better this 2 week period and hopefully something will be left.

My root canal cost $990.  I have already paid that off.  I have an appointment to get the crown placed next week and it should be about $900.  I will pay off the cost of the crown on 4/15.   I am budgeting $1500 a month for dental work so I should have some leftover from my April dental budget to put towards the extractions.  My extractions won't be until June or later, most likely.  I kind of want to pay down my student loan, but I guess I will pile up money.  Sigh.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Mid Month Pay Day

Here's the fall out:
$210 utilities
$100 groceries
$1500 dental work
$165 extra payment on student loan
$100 savings
$239 spending
$100 gas

I received a travel voucher  reimbursement of $135 which I added to my slush fund.  Of course, when I tried to start the lawn mower on Friday it wouldn't start so I had to take it into the shop.  It was approximately $110 to fix, $72 of which was labor.  I plan to purchase some materials on small engine repair and tinker on the old lawn mower that my mother gave me. Gosh darn it I am going to learn to fix this stuff on my own! Anyways, most of the travel voucher reimbursement was eaten up by the lawn mower repair. At least I'm basically breaking even.

Friday, March 7, 2014

End of the month pay day

Okay, I know this is about a week late, but here's the repayment/budget update.  I was paid last Friday here's the break down of the budget.

$1,447 mortgage
$300 student loan/minimum payment is $202.37
$70 pet insurance
$70 groceries
$227 spending
$100 gas
$200 savings

That's all there is folks.  My salary for two weeks completely spread out for the world to see.  Most of my spending money will go towards a work trip next week (hotel, food and gas).  I may also have to take clients out to dinner or lunch as well so I may have to pull some money out of savings.  I will be reimbursed for the trip, but it usually takes three months. We are a small firm and three months is a completely ridiculous amount of time for reimbursement.  Oh well, I am very conflicted with regard to what to do about my employment, it's very stressful, super disorganized and frustrating, but I hate having to switch jobs.  Arghhh!! Oh well, no one said life is easy.

My next payday will be next Friday.  I will try to do a timely update on how things fall out from that paycheck.  I have already done a draft budget, but as we all know things change from day to day and moment to moment.