Friday, December 18, 2020




I haven't been posting much this year because....well... it's been a strange year.  I just wanted to put up a post to memorialize the fact that my retirement accounts hit over $70,000 for the first time!  It's crazy, I remember back in 2011 when I first started making $70,000 as my salary.  It felt like a lot of money. Now, I have that much all in one (well 2) places. I am still in my 30s and I definitely need a lot more, but this feels good.  My hard work, effort and sacrifice have started to accumulate and the ball is growing.  I will be thrilled when I finally hit 6 figures!

Also, in the interest of showing reality on this blog, the good and the bad, I wanted to let everyone know that we are not getting Christmas bonuses this year.  Covid has definitely had an impact on the legal industry and the mid size law firm that I work for was definitely hit hard.

To be transparent, I had hoped for a bonus this year and had already planned out where the money would go. I'm not sad about the lack of the bonus and I knew that it was unlikely that I would receive one due to the economic climate.  Nevertheless, I am still happy for everyone else who received bonuses and I take pleasure in hearing about that money! 

Happy Holidays!