Saturday, May 31, 2014

End of May Pay Day

$1,447 mortgage
$300 student loan
$70 groceries
$70 pet plan
$100 gas
$227 spending
$200 savings

That brings the total in my high yield savings account to $820.15.  So far this month I have earned $0.31 in interest in my high yield savings account!  I love to see that free money rolling in.  I do realize that it's only $0.31, but that's $0.31 that I did not have work for.  I hope to keep adding to this account and get a really nice nest egg going. I would love to get to the point where I am earning $1.00 or more a month, but that will take a few thousand dollars.  However, things at the job are not looking too great right now.  I will fill you in later on that.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Mid May Pay Day

$165 utilities
$100 groceries
$1500 dental work
$185 student loan
$120 savings
$100 gas

There it all goes again. I keep hoping for the day when the majority of that money stays in my pocket.  On a positive note I have earned $0.19 this month so far on my online savings account!

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Feeling Lost

My work situation has not improved.  It's probably gotten worse.  I am so confused about what to do at this point.  I applied for a couple of jobs and was even selected for an interview for one.  However, when the time came, I could not go through with it.  I turned down the interview.  I must be crazy, I could have negotiated a $10,000 a year pay raise.  I don't know why, but I feel I am not yet done with this place.  I have to speak with my boss and try to make this a better working environment.  The problem is I don't know how to start the conversation.  I also need the opportunity to speak with him with his secretary is not present because she hovers and doesn't like to leave anyone alone with him. I think she feels that the other staff will begin complaining about her. She leaves early a lot and doesn't come in a lot, but I really think that problem will fix itself if he comes into the office more frequently.  I'm frustrated and irritated, but I can't leave yet.  I need to pray on this issue and see if I can receive some divine intervention.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

End of April Pay Day

$1,447 mortgage
$300 student loan (minimum payment $202.37)
$70 pet insurance
$227 spending money
$100 gas
$200 savings

I have officially earned $0.15 on my online high yield savings account! Whoo hoo! That amount should double this month because, hopefully if everything stays on track, the principal in the savings account will double.