Monday, September 18, 2017

Hurricane Irma

Hey Everyone it's been a very busy couple of weeks!  We were so blessed and got through Hurricane Irma with little to no damage (some branches down in the backyard, power out for about 12 hours and some small branches down in the front yard).  I hope everyone else fared as well as we did.

I did spent quite a bit of money preparing for Hurricane Irma- including an $800 generator.  For the last Hurricane we were without electricity for about 2 days and Irma was expected to be much worse.  I was not interested in being without utilities for about 4 to 5 days so I went ahead and got a small generator to help us through the storm.  I also bought several jugs and bottles of water, batteries, flashlights, non-perishables, battery powered cell phone charges, etc.   I have not added it all up yet, but I'm certain I spent over $1,000 in preparation for the storm.  This will likely cause me not to finish my retirement contributions this month as originally predicted, but I'm okay with that because I feel much more prepared for a storm.

Our office was closed for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday last week so that the roads could be cleared, the server could be put back together (it was taken down for the storm) and utilities could be restored across the city.  It was very nice to only have to work 2 days last week and Friday was payday!

Anyways, I need to pay off my credit card, make arrangements for my eye appointment next month and re-figure my budget so I can be sure to get my retirement contributions completed for the year.  Have a great Monday.