Sunday, July 23, 2023


Hello.... Is anybody out there???? Wow, I have been gone a super long time!! I miss blogging!  I have been intermittently reading blogs over the past couple of years but have not been able to comment from my phone.  I hope all is well in the personal finance world.  I have so many updates to provide!  I'll be brief and start with the basics for now. 

I changed jobs in January.  I am working for another law firm.  My dream is to get into a non-litigation position. I hope one day I can transition into that kind of work. My base salary is the same.  $160k a year.  There is a non-litigation position I have been eyeing which would be approximately $220k a year. However, the position has been empty since at least October of 2022. I'm not sure why it has not been filled. It has been advertised 3 or 4 times. 

As of today, I have approximately:

$54,000 between 2 savings accounts. 

$121,000 total in my Roth and taxable brokerage account 

$17,000 in my 401k from my old firm 

$30,000 in checking. 

I owe approximately $152,381 on my mortgage. 

I pay off my credit cards monthly. 

Zillow has estimated the value of my house as $432,000.  

My net worth including my home is about $501,619.