Saturday, January 25, 2014


Well hello out there world wide internet.  Welcome to my little corner of the web where I hope to blog a little bit about my struggle to be debt free. So, let me introduce myself.  I am a 31 year old female residing in northern Florida where I earn my living as an attorney.  I currently earn $77,000 a year at a small law firm in the area.   For the last three (3) years I have received a Christmas bonus equating to approximately two (2) weeks pay (last year 2013 it was $3208-gross and approximately $2414-net).  Also, last year, we received a Labor Day bonus netting $500. 

I have the following debts:
$28,350 student loan
$1,121 credit debt (I decided to assist my sister with her debt-more on that later-this represents the remainder I have to pay off.  It should be paid off in February of 2014).
$800 credit card (This is the balance from my eye appointment and contacts earlier this year as well as my car registration.  This is 0% credit card until December of 2014.  I use this card mostly for gas and big purchases because I earn 1.5% cash back.  I will soon add the $550 renewal charge for my home warranty to this card.  I may also have to add some expensive dental work to this card as well.)

I plan to blog about my debt, my income, my expenses, my budget and my job.  I may also post about weight loss from time to time as I am also working (unsuccessfully) on dropping about 30lbs.   I hope that this will be an very informative and helpful blog to others in my same situation.  I do follow several other debt blogs on the internet and find it consoling to read about others struggling with debt as I do.  I just need a quiet place to share my frustrations, my struggles and my jubilation.  I am on a journey to be a better person, but I need a place to vent, scream and share my childlike temper tantrums from time to time. 

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