Sunday, June 22, 2014


It's already the middle of 2014.  Where has this year gone? I am so amazed how quickly it has passed. The older you are the quicker Christmas comes and each year passes.

I figured it was about time that I gave you guys an update on the finances so far this year.  Here goes.

Student loan- In January I owed approximately $28,853.00 on the loan.  Currently I owe $26.718, which amounts to a $2134.50 payoff so far this year. This loan is actually 2 loans through the same provider.  The little loan, around $6,000, is actually paid up through December of 2015.  The payment date has been advanced, but the entire payment has been applied to the principal.  Geez, I was hoping for so much better.

Savings account- I have approximately $9,700 in my emergency fund.  I have $920 in my online savings account. This month I have earned $0.35  in interest, so far.  I have approximately $106 in rewards for my credit card (Capital one Quicksilver). (I also have 2 outstanding travel vouchers which both will go to the emergency fund, they total about $325).  I also have about $104 in my slush fund, which will probably go towards my sister's birthday present. 

Dental work.  I have paid $1100 to the endodontist (root canal).  Around $500 to the dental (filling, x-rays, etc.). $2845 to the oral surgeon (for the removal of 6 teeth and crown lengthening).  All cash flowed, which of course has taken away from my student loan repayment progress.

General medical: this category has totaled around $1,000 (mostly eye appointment and contacts, medications after root canal, copays, etc.)

I had some major expenses for my car as well: new cv axle, brakes, etc. all of which totaled $757.  I haven't found the money for this yet.  It went on the credit card.  

This is it and it sucks.  This dental work is killing me. 

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