Saturday, July 25, 2015

July 16-31 Budget

$290 utilities
$100 groceries
$1020 student loan
$195 dentist
$415 Oldest sister's bday
$33 alarm monitoring
$211 spending
$50 savings
$100 gas
$108 my raise- this will likely go to my student loan-but I haven't really decided yet.

Boy, does time fly! It's already almost the end of the month.  I can't believe I'm just now getting this post up.  I have got to get on the ball.  I have so much to blog about, but I've just been kinda busy and kinda depressed. 

As for my student loan- I actually ended up paying $1,226 on it this month (see previous entry), due to leftover money in various categories from the previous budget period.  I also had money left over from the money I budgeted my oldest sister's birthday.  Anyways, I am still waiting on some travel voucher reimbursements- so hopefully I will get those soon and I will be able to put a little extra on my student loan.  I thought we had this all worked out, but it's been over 2 months since that May travel and I have not been reimbursed.  Additionally, I have travel vouchers that will be 2 months old come the first week of August, so hopefully those will be reimbursed soon as well. 

Note: I am writing this with one contact lens in- so please excuse any typos. 

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