Sunday, September 18, 2016

Retirement Savings

Life has been ridiculously crazy.  I cannot even begin to describe the madness that has been going on the last few months and at this point, I won't even try. But, I will talk with you about my retirement savings so far this year!

 My goal is to put $9,000 a year away for retirement savings.  That is approximately 15% of my take home pay.  (We do not have any type of retirement vehicle at work).  Before April 15 of this year, I put $5,500 into my Roth Ira for my 2015 contribution.

Finally in August I was able to start putting money into my Roth for 2016.  In August I contributed $550 and in September I contributed $1,281. That means that I only have to put $1,669 into my Roth before the end of the year to make my $9,000 goal!

Looking forward to next year, before April 15, 2017 I will finish off the remainder of my contributions for 2016 ($2,000).  Then I will put $5,500 into my Roth Ira for 2017.  For the remaining $1,500 of my $9,000 goal, I will put that into a taxable investment.  This is all assuming that there are no changes to my employment or pay for 2017.

I owe lots more updates and I will get to them as I can.  Hope everyone has a great week!

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