Tuesday, February 12, 2019



I filed my income taxes early last week and I will be getting a $112 refund.   I am so incredibly excited that I don't owe any money!!

I looked back through my bank statements last year to see the amount of my tax refund.  Last year I received a $1,184 refund.  That's over a $1,000 drop from my tax refund last year.  The only reason I have received a refund over the last few years is because of my mortgage/home ownership. Previously, I was pretty much breaking even. 

However, due to the changes in the tax code, I took home an extra $2,400 last year.  That plus the $112 refund results in approximately $2,500 more take home pay for me!! That's approximately an extra $1,300 in take home pay (after subtracting out my $1,184 over payment) as compared to previous years. 

Happy Tuesday!!


  1. I've read and heard so many people complaining about their taxes. Your post is so refreshing! The ones complaining seem to forget that for the most part, most people were indeed bringing home bigger paychecks throughout the entire year.

    1. People are so strange sometimes. I appreciate every dollar I get to take home!

  2. It's good that your taxes worked out and you didn't owe money.

    Congrats on your raise! This is your second 5k+ raise in the past two years, isn't it? Is this part of your boss's effort to keep you from leaving?

    Write a post if he tries to bar the doors or something to keep you there. We'll call search and rescue to get you. haha

    But seriously, raises are awesome!

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