Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Net Worth Update

Here's where the numbers stand.

$12,916 Emergency Fund
 $12,552 Online Savings Account/$7,552 of that amount is for my Car Replacement Fund/$5k is for my EF
$3,160 Online Savings Account #2- all car replacement
 $29,255 Retirement- Roth IRA
 $7,617Taxable Brokerage (Retirement)

$803 Travel Fund (Work)
$850 pet fund 
$5 medical fund
$1,274 furniture fund
$0 Slush fund

$304,669-per zillow

              Total (not including home): $68,432
              Total (including home): $373,101

Mortgage $195,623
Furniture (0% financing) $850

                   Total (not including mortgage): -$850
                    Total (including mortgage): -$196,473

        Total Net Worth(not including mortgage): $67,582                                      
        Total Net Worth(including mortgage): $176,628

Net worth, not including mortgage, increased by $7070 from January (last net worth update)
Net worth, including mortgage, increased by $9,367 from January(last net worth update)

The value of the my home has decreased a little bit.

My mortgage is getting so small.  I was putting an extra $450 toward principal.  That dropped to $439 when the escrow adjusted.  I am still hopefully to have the pmi drop off by with my end of June payment. 


  1. It looks like you could pay off the furniture right now, unless the furniture on the list of liabilities and the furniture fund are two different pieces of furniture. At any rate, your numbers look good!

  2. hey, you have a positive net worth. did i ask you before if you were saving up for a dog in the pet fund? i'm trying to get this to comment as freddy and also wanted to sign up for new post updates but don't see a place for that.

  3. June isn't far away. You'll have that PMI knocked off in no time!