Friday, October 24, 2014

Another Conversation with the Boss

I had a very long talk with my boss last Friday evening about my unhappiness working for the firm.  This was a hard conversation for me to have with him.  I, essentially, asked him what could the firm offer me in terms of a long term future.  Also, asked him what could I do to assist the firm in becoming a major player and expanding our market.  He did not have any answers for me, but he did say that he would look into it. Whatever that means.  He lied quite a bit during the conversation.  I only called him on one of the lies.  I assume that he does not realize that the employees talk with each other and, of course, share information.  I felt a bit dissatisfied after the very long and exhausting talk.  It appears that he has no plan for the future of the firm or the future of the employees.  I asked him specifically what he saw my role as in the future and he could not articulate anything to me. 

A few good things came out of this endeavor: (1) I maybe getting a raise as a result of this conversation. I don't know how much.  He said he would go speak with the partner in the South/Central Florida office about giving me a raise (typically raises are about 10%) and; (2) I gave him an idea I had about bringing more work into the firm.  This was the second time I told him about the idea.  This time he was excited and willing to let me give him more information.  Hopefully, this will take off into something big.  I hope it does and that eventually I work out an arrangement where I am getting a piece of the profits for coming up with and implementing the idea.  Wish me lots of luck.  It's so hard to implement and bring new ideas to a company that has little to no rules, boundaries or parameters. And no outlook with regard to the future. 

That being said, for the time being I am going to table the idea of looking for a new job.  I want to see if this will take off into anything and build the firm up into something big.  If, ultimately, things do move along well and I am still unhappy I will resume my job seeking efforts.   I am going to wait until after the new year to resume my job searching efforts. 

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  1. Good for you for presenting your idea to get more business. That can't be an easy conversation to have. I hope you get a 10% raise. That would be sweet!