Saturday, September 12, 2015


So I got contacted by a legal recruiter head hunter on Friday.  It was out of the blue and I'm not sure how my name came across her desk.  I didn't have much time to speak with her because I had a conference call to jump on within minutes of her call. She said she did not have much information about me because our firm does not have a website.  She asked me to send her my resume and whether I was interested in looking at new opportunities.  I told her I would send her my resume and that I was interested in new opportunities.  I got her email address and confirmed her name.  A few hours later I googled her to see if she was legit and apparently she and her agency are legit.  I don't know how this works and I guess I should get some information before I move too quickly into engaging with her.  How do these headhunters make money? Shoot, maybe I should look into a career as a headhunter.  I wonder how much they make???

Every time I meet with the South/Central Florida partner she asks me to move down and work in her office. At first I thought she was just kidding, now I think she is serious. I'm not sure what that means for me.  I have a house here and have only owned it for 2 years.  Still too early to sell even with the downpayment I put down.

Definitely, there is not enough work in the North Florida office for a full staff.  The South/Central Office definitely has a enough work for a full time staff and an associate.  When I spoke to her last she said that she needed an associate, but was worried she wouldn't have enough work for said associate if she was still sending work to the North Florida office.  I think next time I see her I will have a upfront talk with her about the status of the firm and my role there.  I don't want to end up getting laid off because I held on to hope that she was going to fix things and refused to move to South/Central Florida. I guess I will just ask her, blatantly, if I should be worried about having a job if I can't (won't)  move to South/Central Florida.

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