Saturday, December 19, 2015

Savings 2015

Although I will receive one more paycheck in 2015, I think that I have put away all that I am going to save for 2015.  I have $10,006 in my emergency fund and $4,020 in my online savings account.  I'm hoping the interest rate hike will boost the interest rate on my "high yield" savings account.  Anyways, all of my extra money this month will go towards making my goal of paying $20,000 towards my student loan.

Because I won't be adding anymore money to savings this year I will be able to put an extra $100 on my student loan from my December 31, 2015 paycheck.  That means I am only $154.78 short of making my goal of $20,000.  I'm hoping that I will be able to find that money through leftover Christmas spending. guys know by now that I am crazy.  I have a secret goal to get my student loan balance down into the $3,000s by the end of the year.  That would take about an extra $165 on top of what I already need to make my $20,000 goal.  I know it's insane, paying $20,000 on the loan is a great accomplishment, especially in light of the fact that I was still paying for dental expenses at the beginning of the year! I can't help myself though, I love to see the balance drop into the next $1000 by the end of the month and it drives me crazy if it doesn't. 


  1. Wow! You've done an incredible job. You are killing that student loan. How are you going to redirect when it's gone?

    1. Thanks so much!! I plan to finish out my emergency fund, pay extra on my mortgage, save for retirement and save for new furniture!