Sunday, February 28, 2016

Budget Breakdown March 1-15

$1611 mortgage ($1469 regular payment, $141 extra principal)
$359 cellular phone bill
$60 pet plan
$100 groceries
$200 spending
$100 gas
$100 car fund

I already blogged that I was able to make a extra $141 payment towards principal on my mortgage this month.  I am so glad I can finally start chipping away at it! 

The other change to my budget is now that I am debt free I am taking over the cellular phone bill that my sister used to pay.  We have about 5 lines (me, 2 sisters, my mother and a extra line- I don't know why we have that line) it seems pretty expensive to me and now that I am in charge of the bill I will try to find ways to chip away at the cost. 

That's all there is, 2 weeks of pay all gone.  The next 2 week budget should have much more money towards savings. 


  1. We are loving Republic for a phone carrier. It is a little bit of an expense upfront, but you also can paid back for the data you do not use. For four lines, we end up paying around $74. We kept our existing numbers as well.

    1. Oh wow! I will have to check into that. Thanks for the tip!