Monday, October 9, 2017

It's Monday...again

Weekends fly by so quickly compared to the work week and it's now Monday...again.  I have been feeling a little under the weather the last several days, but I wanted to work on clearing some clutter from the house.  I forced myself to work on filing some paperwork in the office in order to clear the overflowing filing bin.  I now have a huge box of papers to shred.  I will save those for my mother since she likes to have tasks to do when she spends time at my house (she will be here next week).  I  cleaned off the desk and threw away a bunch of clutter obscuring the work space.  I managed to find a cabinet for about $80 at home depot that worked for the office.  It's almost 6 feet tall and I was able to clear a couple of boxes of office supplies that were sitting on the ground.  It's nice and organized now.  I just need to get rid of an armchair that is way too big for the small room.  Also, I need to purchase a bookshelf so I can unload a couple of boxes of books that are still in the closet from when I moved into the house. Maybe I can also get my Mother to work on organizing that closet when she comes next week!

After I get the office together, I plan to work on the guest room. Then I need to work on my room It never ends and everything always costs money!

Last week was a hard week for me.  I turn towards organizing, decluttering and cleaning when I am feeling down.  Being busy distracts me from the sad feelings.  I won't go into it on the blog, but I was trying to end a long term toxic relationship without hurting feelings. Well, I did the exact opposite (so much for tact).  So now there are hurt feelings and I feel guilty. Now I feel compelled to try and soothe the bad feelings without getting back into the toxic relationship (guilt complex much?).  Humans are complicated beings. 

Anyways, on to some financial good news!  Last year I earned a total of about $52 in interest on my savings account.  This year as of the end of September I have already earned $57!  I should earn approximately $80 in interest this year!! Now that is some motivation to go to work and earn money so that compounding interest can do its thing! Happy Monday!

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