Tuesday, October 24, 2017

The Struggle This Week

It's only Tuesday and it's already been a rough week with more to come. Here's the struggle so far:

1. My boss is a gigantic pain.  He keeps emailing me and asking me for things that I prepared and sent him ages ago.  Most recent, a document he insisted that I prepare right that second.  I had prepared it and emailed it to him exactly 1 month ago. Also, it was a document he could have written himself.

2.  My boss is lazy.  Clients keep calling and emailing me for updates because they know I will respond quickly. These are cases that he is lead on and I am only assisting.  I have my own cases for which I am the lead attorney.

3. An attorney (opposing counsel) I don't know and have never worked with before was rude to me.  Without being too specific, he was mad because he did something wrong and I pointed it out.  However, I did not point it out in the way he wanted me to. He went out of his way to send a rude email. 

4. My long term toxic friend is still mad at me. We have known each other for 16 years.  He won't speak to me.  I don't really want him to speak to me, but I also feel bad.  I wish things had ended better. I'm not pushing him, but I feel guilty. 

5. I have a hearing next week that I'm worried about arguing.  It is not a area of the law I have ever practiced in previously.  My boss is no help and wants me to do it anyways. 

6.  I have an expensive work trip coming up.  Like $2,000 with flights and hotels.  It will probably be January before I am reimbursed.  I only keep a max of $1,000 in my work travel fund.

7.  I've been having a lot of joint pain lately.  I have no idea why.  Both parents suffer/suffered from arthritis.  It's very bothersome in my hands and hurts to type.  I'm only 35.

8.  An attorney (opposing counsel) is attempting to bully me in order to get what he wants even though he is doing it wrong.  There is an established procedure.  Why not follow it???

9. I'm worried about my mother.  Her blood pressure has been so high this week.  She takes her meds and works out a little everyday. Not sure what the problem is.

10. I can't afford to retire.

11.  My new neighbors dogs continue to bark incessantly.

Thanks for letting me vent.


  1. I'm sorry you've been having such a rough go of it lately. I wonder if all the stress you are under is bringing out these arthritic symptoms? Admittedly I don't know a lot about your profession, but is there an area of law that would be less stressful? Meanwhile, vent away. That is the beauty of a blog! We sure have come a long ways from the old days of diaries! Lol

    1. I think the joint pain may be related to my anemia. Although, it could be stress too. Who knows? I think practicing law is just stressful in general. Nothing is constant, the law always changes. Also, a lot depends on your judge and your ability to communicate well. It's a constant worry that you are screwing up and that you are gonna get sued for malpractice. Thanks for listening to all my frustrations!

  2. This seems to be a common problem in law firms. A friend of mine practices law, and her male co-workers treat her more like a receptionist than a fellow attorney. Have you considered switching to another firm? I don't know your area of expertise, but seems like your workplace is chaotic/toxic. And the months to reimburse expenses would drive me insane! I hope your week gets better and that the dogs shut up!

    1. I've worked at 3 different law firms and for a state agency throughout my career. Frankly, they are all the same. My workplace is beyond chaotic/toxic, but I think that might just be characteristic of most law firms. This law firm is the worst at travel reimbursement. It's an average of 2-3 months to get reimbursed.

  3. The joint pain sounds worrisome - even though you are so busy and stressed, it would be a really good idea to get it checked out!

    1. I think it might be related to my anemia. I'm noticing the joint pain subsides when I am taking iron. I think i will still get it checked out though.

  4. That is the beauty of a blog! We sure have come a long ways from the old days of diaries! Lol


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