Monday, July 16, 2018

New Savings Account- Update

Another short post!  A few weeks ago I opened a savings account with Ally because it was offering a 1.75% rate.  Right around that time I saw that a company named Marcus was offering 1.8%.  I figured I would stay with Ally for a bit before rushing over to check out Marcus. 

So far Ally seems okay.  It's offering a higher rate than my old savings account so I am pleased.  I was worried for a few days because at the end of June because no interest posted to my account.  As I clicked on various links on the site I saw that the statement cycles ended on the 15th, so I figured I would wait until today to see if any interest posted.   It did!  I received $9.58 for a partial month of parking my money.  That's more than I received for having my money parked for an entire month in my former savings account!

I will keep you updated on how Ally works out for me. 

FYI- this is not a sponsored post.


  1. I want to park the Louisiana house proceeds at Ally but Hubs wants to wait for Fed to inch up rates again and put it into a CD. I'll be watching what your experience is there going forward.

    1. Ally does have a 12 month CD at 2.30% with a minimum balance of $25,000. That is one of the better rates that I have seen.

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