Monday, September 2, 2019


In July, I had my annual eye exam.  I got a new prescription for my contact lenses and learned that I qualified for a $75 rebate. I have worn the air optix night and day lenses for over 10 years.  This year there was a $75 rebate from the parent company Alcon.

Unfortunately, it was not an instant rebate taken at the register.  It was one that you had to submit documentation and wait for your rebate.  I figured it would be a painful process, but it was not!  I had to submit my receipt, my upc code from my contact lenses and documentation of the date of my appointment.  I was able to do this all online and received a claim number.  Within a matter of weeks, I received confirmation that my rebate was approved.  I was only given an online visa card   I requested a physical card to be sent through the mail and it arrived less than 2 weeks later. 

I have not decided how to spend my $75 rebate, I may wait to use it for Christmas shopping.  I love getting discounts/free money! 

Have you qualified for any rebates lately?


  1. Yes, a $70 rebate for buying four tires. First, I had to mail in proof. But, now I hsve to go online.

  2. Make sure to look at the fine print on your Visa card, some reward ones can have things like inactivity fees that can eat away the balance if you don't spend it.