Thursday, October 17, 2019

It's Fall and I Thought the Summer was Expensive!

I have been trying for weeks to get a post up.  If it's not one thing it is another! I swear this has been a crazy fall and I am already over it.  

It seems like the firm is back to 3 (plus) months to reimburse for travel expenses.  Really? It drives me crazy that I have to wait for so long to get reimbursed.  I am more irritated right now because I have been shelling out money like crazy! 

My oldest sister (Sister A), who is 50 years old, has always been irresponsible with money.  Well last year, she purchased a new mattress and frame on credit.  It was one of those furniture deals where if you pay if off in a year you don't pay any interest.  I did the same as did my other sister (sister B).  Sister B and I paid off our furniture months in advance and did not pay a single penny of interest! Thanks, furniture store! Of course, Sister A did not.  The deal ends on December 8, 2019.  Which means everything has to be paid off by that day or they add all of the interest that you would have paid onto the account.  When we purchased this furniture we spoke to Sister A about this and how she should not purchase the furniture unless she could pay it off before the special terms ends.  Well, you know how this story ends.  As of July she had barely made a dent into payment.  Eventually, I agreed to pay off the $3,100 balance if she paid me back over time.  It took about another month of her screwing around to get me the login information for her account.  I am basically paying $1,000 a month to get this paid off before the special deal ends.  She is paying me back $160 a month.  I still have $1,100 to go. 

Also, my 18 year old HVAC was on its last legs and I decided to replace it.  Every 2 months or so it would spring a new leak and we would have to pay for new coolant and a repair.  It was never the same leak.  This is in addition to the host of other problems we have had with the unit.  (However, the constant leaks and associated increased utility bills were the most annoying).  I figured I would cut my losses and replace the unit. Hopefully, this will result in less time off of work and a functioning HVAC for more than 2 months at a time. The cost of the new unit and labor? $9,300.  I did get an upgraded model, they required a new thermostat, I added the air purifier and opted for new tubing/hoses.  I put the charge on my credit card and received almost $140 in cash back rewards. That $140 went straight back to the credit card.  Also, my city offers a $100 rebate for the type of unit I purchased and so after the final inspection (Monday) I will submit that information.  So about $240 of the new unit will be paid for with free money.  $1,705 of the cost will come from the money I previously started saving to replace the unit and the rest will come from my emergency fund.  I am so sad to see the money leave my account!! 

More later about the impact this has had on my finances for the year!  Glad to be back the blog!


  1. Ahhh, family.
    One of my parents is like your sister. My older siblings have tried (and failed) to teach this parent about managing money over the years. However, the fact is that this parent will be partially dependent on us once they stop working. It is a part of life.

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