Saturday, February 22, 2020

Car Shopping Adventures #4

Next stop, Volvo! I forgot to take pictures at the Volvo dealership.  So I just used a stock photo from the internet. 

Volvos are expensive, but I really like the look of these vehicles so I figured I would give it a shot.  Unfortunately, I think they are just too costly for my taste (well wallet really).   The sales guy I interacted with was nice. He was a young man probably in his early to mid 20s and VERY tall.  We test drove a XC60. 

The car drove very nicely and smoothly.  The auto/stop start feature was also very smooth, I could barely tell when the car cut off.  The best feature, in my opinion, was the fact that the car was made of steel.  Cars these days are mostly made of that weird plastic, fiberglass stuff.  The steel was nice and made me feel very safe when driving the car.  When touching the car you could really feel the difference.  The car did not bend when pressure was applied, it was definitely steel.  These cars are know to be good vehicles in a roll over crash. 

I asked the salesman to let me know about the rates and any special offers.  He was having some difficulty with that and took down my email.  He promised that he would email me the rates.  Spoiler alert: he never did.  That made it easy to cross Volvos off my list.
I still haven't purchased a new car. I have about $29,689 saved up to purchase a new car (that does include the trade in value of my car).

Next stop, Mazda.