Saturday, February 1, 2020

Car Shopping Adventures #3

My second stop during my car shopping adventures was Honda.  I went there on December 30, 2019.  I had researched the vehicles online and was ready to see the Pilot and the Passport. However, I did find this blue CR-V to be quite striking.  The CR-V is a bit too small for me. Unfortunately, I travel for work and can be gone for several days to a week or 2 at a time. I need something that has sufficient space for a couple of suitcases, work bags, etc.  Also, I want something big enough to easily get my mom's wheelchair into the back.

Unfortunately, the Honda dealership did not have any Passports on the lot.  So I looked into the Pilots. I thought the Pilots were a little too large and van-like for me.  The picture below is a "Black Edition" Honda Pilot with a price tag of $50,000.  It's pretty, but too expensive for my taste.  The Pilot came with a lifetime powertrain warranty and 2 years of oil changes included with the price of the car. 

I was a little iffy about the sales guy.  He was pleasant, but a little curt and not particularly friendly.  When I asked him about possibly getting a Passport before January 2, 2020 (the end date for their year end sales) he simply said, "no".  It was clear he didn't want to even try. 

Below this is the actual Honda Pilot that I test drove.  It was a grayish color.  It was a nice ride and it drove much smoother than the Acura MDX. However, I really cannot get over the ugly body style of the 2020 and 2019 Pilots. The Pilot had the push button gear selector and a lot of fancy "infotainment" in the vehicle.  Frankly, all of the information and screens seems a bit distracting.  I do like the hands free lift gate option. It did not have the heads-up display as an option on the vehicle. 

Anyways, I did not buy a Pilot.  I really wanted to test drive a Passport to see if it could fit well into my lifestyle.  I think I have crossed a Pilot off of my list, but a Honda Passport remains to be seen.   Next stop, Volvo.


  1. Interesting remarks from and actual shopper.

  2. Try the Acura MDX or RDX! They do have larger back storage areas for your wheelchair - I know, I put my mom's in mine! And I LOVE my MDX! Got in back from a lease 2017 with only 20K miles on it! Saved about $20K from buying new.