Friday, March 21, 2014

I want to be happy

I really do, but I feel like happiness evades me. My boss has been being a real pain in the ass again.  I can barely stand it.  I have searched and there are no jobs being advertised that will pay anything comparable to my current salary.  I'm so frustrated.  I told him I was frustrated with him and it has resulted in him walking on egg shells for the last week around me.  He's so childish, too bad he's in his 60s.

Everything is running okay with regard to my finances, not great, but okay.  I need to pay more attention and stop spending so much on unnecessary things. Then I can put any leftover spending money on my student loans. Oh well, I will try to do better this 2 week period and hopefully something will be left.

My root canal cost $990.  I have already paid that off.  I have an appointment to get the crown placed next week and it should be about $900.  I will pay off the cost of the crown on 4/15.   I am budgeting $1500 a month for dental work so I should have some leftover from my April dental budget to put towards the extractions.  My extractions won't be until June or later, most likely.  I kind of want to pay down my student loan, but I guess I will pile up money.  Sigh.

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