Sunday, November 30, 2014

Stop complaining and do something about it.

I'm feeling a bit depressed.  I'm extremely unhappy at work and now, after a long weekend, I have to return to this job.  I also feel a bit nauseous this evening-maybe too much turkey?  A guy that I have known for years and years and had somewhat of an on and off relationship hasn't contacted for me almost 2months.  I thought for sure that I would get a "Happy Thanksgiving" text, but I got nothing.  I didn't send him one either.  He lives out of town and travels quite a bit for work.  I have only seen him once this year.  I think the relationship may be permanently off this time.  If not at his insistence, then at mine.  Anyways, so all of that makes for  a cocktail of mild depression. 

I realize I need to stop complaining and do something about the negativity. I have been at this job for 3.5 and I have only gotten 1 raise.  I do the majority of the attorney level work in the office.  My boss has not been in the office in over a month. His secretary has received countless raises in the same 3.5 years (at least 5).   She often tells me how bored she is because our boss doesn't come to work.  Clearly, this situation is not a positive one for me and I need to move forward with my plan to exit this firm gracefully.  I am going to draft out a timeline so that I am doing at least one positive thing a week to advance my career. 

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