Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Surgery and random thoughts

I had my dental implant surgery on Monday and everything went very well.  It's weird, I don't have any pain.  Just a very little bit of tenderness, you would think having someone drill into your jawbone would cause some major discomfort. Still trying to figure out how to pay for the remaining balance of the surgery that is currently sitting on my credit card.  I will likely just pull it out of my emergency fund and then work feverishly on replacing my emergency fund money.  I hate to do that, but I can't stand the thought of being in additional debt or paying interest to the credit card company.

I'm still very unhappy at work.  I want to find a new job, but I hate the idea of moving to another soul crushing job for a higher salary.  I have been considering opening my own law firm.  I definitely don't have any money to do anything anytime soon, but the gears are turning.  It makes the idea of taking a higher paying salary at yet another soul crushing law firm more palatable if it means I can get to the point of opening my own law firm more quickly.  It's just a thought for now.  I think I will look into developing a 5 year plan and see how it looks.  I wonder how people can work for years and years at the same job without getting bored or restless.  For me, at these small law firms, there is no real room to grow and that thought drives me crazy.  I want to do more, earn more money and think of new innovative ideas. 

For the time being I'm trying to hang in at this law firm. I'm so beaten down and tired.  It's hard to remain interested and do the best possible work when you have no motivation.  Anyways, I gave my boss my idea, thoughts and plan for opening the new division of the law firm.  He hasn't done anything with it or discussed in detail with me his plan or thoughts for implementation.  He is a snail that moves at the speed of molasses. I think I gave him the plan in October so he has until April to make some progress. (Honestly, if he does not do anything with the idea by the beginning of the year I will just start looking.)

Lastly,  I have been looking around trying to find things to do to advance my position in the legal community so that way I can have a shot at opening my own law firm.  I'm developing a list of ideas and I will try to get involved in more activities in the legal community so that way I can carry more weight once it comes to getting business once I'm out on my own.  Success, here I come. 

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