Saturday, May 30, 2015

Debt Updates

I'm still feeling less than gazelle intense with regard to debt payoff. Here are the numbers as of today:

$1,028 credit card- this represents the leftover balance from some dental work I had done this year.  I'm waiting to pay off the remainder once my firm reimburses my outstanding travel expenses. I have been assured that I have a check coming next week for around $1,500.  Only time will tell. I have expended $1,400 in travel expenses since February and haven't gotten one dime back.  I feel terrible having to continually ask for my vouchers to be reimbursed.  It kind of feels like I am begging for my own money. 

$19,283 student loan- I am waiting to make a big payment on this loan once my firm reimburses my travel expenses.  I have budgeted a $367 payment for this loan for when I get paid on Monday.  I'm hoping to put over $1000 on this loan in mid- June from my June 15 paycheck.  I need to see the numbers start falling!!

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