Thursday, March 16, 2017

Getting Close!!!

Yesterday was payday and I was able to put $1,903 on the furniture bill.  I now only owe $1,316. It's so close to being paid off!!

As a reminder this is the 0% interest furniture financing that I did at the end of last year.  I have until January of 2018 to pay off the balance in order to not incur interest charges.  My tax refund will be $1,484 so I should have enough money to pay off the furniture.  Also, my sister (We live together) has agreed to give me some money to pay on the furniture.  She wants to give me $1,000, but I am thinking maybe $700 would be sufficient as it would leave me with a good amount of money left over to put into my retirement account.

I can't wait until that balance is at 0 and I can get back to focusing on my retirement account. 


  1. You really are getting close! Congrats on making such good progress!

  2. WOOHOO! Those small bills annoy the heck out of me. It is really great that your sister is willing to help - closer and closer to your goals!

  3. I too am knocking out little bills, then the big ones seem to just sit there.