Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Weekend Goals Final Update and Taxes

1. Complete taxes- DONE
2. Balance my checkbook
3. Finish staining that dang fence-DONE
4. Trim around the driveway
5. Treat the house for termites and other pests- DONE
6. Spray the weeds in the sidewalk cracks- DONE
7. Relax and read a book
8. Clean bathroom-DONE
9. Clean room-PARTIALLY DONE
10.Go into work-DONE

I did most of the things on my list.  I will balance my checkbook today because payday is tomorrow and I need to make sure everything is where it should be.  I could not trim the driveway as my sister loaned our trimmer to a friend. Hopefully, I will get to that one day this week. I will be out of town a few days this week so I may have to wait until this weekend.  But when do I have free time to relax and read my book?!!!

I am getting a refund this year on my taxes to the tune of $1,484.  All of that will go towards paying off that furniture I purchased and hopefully in April I can start focusing on funding my retirement accounts for the year (only $8,500 left to go).  

The mortgage interest deduction is the only reason that I have received refunds the past few years.  I have considered adjusting my withholding so that I don't get a refund, but I think I will just leave things alone for now as I hope to really start making huge payments on my mortgage and soon enough the interest won't be enough to deduct anyways. 

Happy Tuesday and Happy Budgeting people!


  1. Sweet relief getting the taxes finished! The other items will get done all in good time!

    1. Oh it is! I hate tax time- it's always so stressful.

  2. It is a hard thing to gauge - that withholding. If your income goes up, or you get a substantial bonus, it all goes haywire.

    Good job on staining the fence - that is a job I would dread - much like painting!

    1. I agree, I really don't want to mess with it. I hate staining/sealing fences and painting. I am terrible at both and find them boring!