Monday, March 6, 2017

Work update

I haven't posted a work update in quite some time.  This is, basically, because I try not to think about work when I am not at work.  It's just too stressful.

Work is the same as it has been for years.  I continue to look for a good quality job to apply for, the problem is I can't find one that will pay the same amount of money that I am making now (or more) in my town.  Unfortunately, the largest employer in my city is the State. The State has wonderful benefits, but the pay is generally subpar. I am also very wary of private law firms only because the 3 I have worked for have been awful.  I hear horror stories from my cohorts regarding firms they have worked for in town.  That's why I am generally considering positions where my law degree would come in handy, but would be different from the day to day practice of law.   I just haven't figure out what that position is, but hopefully I will. 

For those of you who don't know, my boss is beyond strange.  Seriously, there is something wrong with him, I'm not kidding. I can't even begin to explain what is wrong with him. He is exhausting. His medications (which he speaks of often) do not work.  His counseling, does not work.  However, he has been at work more this year and that seems to slightly help the timeliness issues.  It also seems to help his assistant come to work more. Previously, neither my boss nor his assistant came to work very much and all of the extra fell on me.  He wouldn't get stuff out on time and I would end up staying late and working weekends to get things done. I was tasked with answering the phone and doing other clerical tasks when his assistant wouldn't come to work.  It's slightly better now, but really I think it's because the South Florida office has complained to both partners about not timely getting feedback about firm matters because of the absence of my boss and his assistant.

Now my boss's assistant has received quite a bit of negative attention about her absences from the office.  Nothing has happened to her, but people keep making mention of her lack of attendance and her false timesheets.  However, no disciplinary action has been taken and I think she is very lucky.  At it's peak, her absences could span a 3 week period of time. 1 week of vacation, 3 (work days) pre-vacation to prepare, and 1 week post-vacation to recover from illnesses acquired during her vacation.  Additionally, she, generally, would take (at least) one day off a day every 2 weeks.

I hope this trend continues, of my boss and his assistant coming to work more often, as it really has taken a burden off of me. 

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