Thursday, October 18, 2018

Boring Updates

Just a quick update.  We are still recovering from Hurricane Michael, but everyday the roads get clearer and less people are suffering from the power outages.  There are more and more donations centers for the less fortunate.  I need to buy some supplies to donate and find a convenient donation center.  I have a bag of clothes that I can donate too. Additionally, I only spent about $200 for the hurricane preparation (some bags of ice, bottled water, snacks and gas for the generator,etc.). 

I did manage to add another $60 to my retirement account, that means I am $160 over my goal for the year! I hope I am able to add even more money next month. I can't wait until I am saving $15,000 a year without batting an eye. 

I was able to add $450 to my emergency fund.  I m getting closer to my goal of $18,500 for the year.

I was able to add $750 to my furniture fund.  I can't wait to replace this 15 year old mattress and frame!!

Work has been tough lately. I really need some help with all of the cases and projects I am working on.   My boss has not even been working on his cases.  I'm too tired to rant this morning, so I will just leave it there. 

I did buy a mega-millions lottery ticket on Tuesday and I did not win.  I hate wasting money on lottery tickets, but I figured what the heck- I'll take a chance.  It is a super huge jackpot right now. Maybe I will waste another $2 and try again.


  1. i'm glad you survived it ok. my ex in-laws live in apalachacola and i don't know how they fared. it looks like your on the right path with this whole financial thing. best of luck going forward. nice blog.

    1. I hope your ex- in laws are okay. It was really rough on the coastal areas. I'm trying to do the right things financially, but it feels like I am doing everything wrong.