Sunday, October 14, 2018

Hurricane Michael

Hurricane Michael was a major hurricane, but I am happy to report that my family and friends seem to have come through the storm without any loss of life or major damage.

There are power lines and trees down all over town.  There are still many without power in my small town.  Our electricity went out about 2:00p.m. on Wednesday afternoon and did not come back in until about 2:00a.m Friday morning. The winds and rain were so bad that we did not get the generator started until Thursday morning.  It was nice to have ice and cold water from the fridge.  We charged our devices and rain a fan.  We did have some bottled water, beer and wine in an iced down cooler, so we had access to cold drinks.  We also had several bags of ice in the freezer to keep the food cold until we could get the generator up and running.  We grilled out for dinner and it was fun, but by Thursday it was pretty hot out.  We were ecstatic to have the power come on early Friday morning.  We were definitely one of the lucky ones.

During the storm we listened to music from our phones (we had those portable charging bricks) and podcasts.  We danced, played card games and read books.  We also had downloaded tv shows and movies from netflix to our kindles.  We were thoroughly entertained. 

We slept in Friday morning because it was nice and cool.  Then we drove over to my mother's house to make sure she had power, clean up debris and make sure there was no damage to the house. Her home was fine, there were just a few downed limbs.  Her electricity was on and no problems were found.

I checked in on my friends and everyone was fine other than having some fallen trees and no electricity.  I feel so blessed and I am very happy to have survived another hurricane. 


  1. Thank you for telling us! I thought about you!

  2. You were lucky and well-prepared.

  3. So glad everyone made it safely through the storm. Better, it sounds like everyone stayed thoroughly entertained.

    1. Thank you! Yes we were extremely entertained.

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