Sunday, July 28, 2019

Second Quarter Update

1. Put a minimum of $11,000 to retirement.  ($6,000 to Roth and $5,000 to taxable). I am loving the increase in contributions to the Roth.  It's $6,000 this year, in case you have not heard!  The $11,000 goal is an increase of $500 from last year.

ON TRACK!!! I have contributed $5,193 to retirement this year. Only $5,807 left to go.  While I am a little further behind than I would like I am happy to have contributed as much as I have.  This has been an expensive year!! I plan to max out my Roth next month.  

2. Increase replacement car fund to $12,000.

This is at $11,549!! I am almost at my goal.  I may scale  the amount I contribute after I reach $12,000, but I will keep contributing.  

3. Give a minimum of $400 to charity. This is an increase of $100 from last year.

I have donated $278 so far this year!! Over half way done. 
4. Increase Emergency Fund to $20,000.
I have not contributed anything to my EF fund.  This remains at $17,916.  
5. Pay down mortgage principal so that the PMI can be removed.  I'm so close, only 5 or 6 months to go!

DONE!! My PMI has dropped off.  I was paying $115 a month for PMI.  My monthly mortgage payment has dropped to $1,377.  

6. Read 12 books

I complete 4 books so far this year.  I need to increase this. 
7. Lose 20lbs
I have lost 10lbs!! 

8. Increase social activities
I have made a half hearted attempt to do this.  I need to do better.  
9. Learn coding.
I have done nothing to effectuate this goal. 

10. Learn more about my family history.

I have done nothing to effectuate this goal. 
11. Meditate.
I fell off doing this early in the year. 

 12. Be kinder and more patient.
I have been trying to be kinder.  I need to re-up the patient efforts. 
13. Increase FI/FU fund to $1,200.
I have added to this and I am at $499 so far. 
14. Figure out my purpose in life.  

I have done nothing to effectuate this goal.


  1. that's a helluva year so far. we just replaced a car this week so having that money saved would have been nice. we "borrowed" it from future travel funds so we didn't have to sell any investments or take a loan. rock on.

  2. Doing #11 might help you with #12.
    I’m 64 and still don’t know #14. But I know what I want and what I don’t want, what I like and don’t like, what I think is right....for me, that’s enough.
    I think you’re doing a great job on your list!

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