Wednesday, June 24, 2015


Things at work are just terrible right now.  My boss is a liar (ha ha, I know all attorneys are liars) and because of his lies he is causing problems in the office. He is making life miserable for me.  I just want to find a new job.   I'll admit I kind of slacked off (totally slacked off) with regard to my job search.  The job market here is so tough, it's hard to find anything to apply for.  I can't seem to find any positions for which I am qualified that are decent paying jobs.  I feel stuck and I hate feeling stuck.  I am going to re-up my job search.  I might even start attending the bar meetings with the hope that I'll make a connection for a new job. 


  1. Your attorney boss is making your life miserable because he wants you to voluntarily leave. Your best bet, other than NOT quit right now, is to hire or barter with a labor attorney. You're going to need an exit strategy, an exit payout and a letter of recommendation before you leave. Best to stay there and have him fire you, then you will have some rights. Hang in there. Been there. Done that. You have to hold on. Please seek counsel and remember the saying: an attorney who hires him/her self has a client for a fool (Judge Judy).

  2. My boss has mental health issues (he loves to talk in explicit detail about them). I want to leave. He wants me to stay because I am good at my job and I keep him out of trouble. I do all of the work he doesn't want to, he can change his mind last minute and drop a hearing, deposition or whatever on me last minute and I get it all done. He tries to dangle a partner position in front of me as bait to keep me there. He's upset that I haven't fallen for it and does everything he can to ruin new employment opportunities for me.