Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Is it sad

That the most exciting thing in my life right now is making big payments on my student loan? I made a whooping $1,784 payment yesterday (pay day) on my student loan.  It made me so excited!  I was literally giddy with excitement when I logged into my account this morning to check that the payment went through. It did, everything is well with the world.  I now owe $17,025 (with interest through June 30, 2015) on my one and only outstanding student loan! I am happy to be finally making progress, earlier this year I was busy making payments on my dental work so I was unable to make huge payments on the loan.  I should be just about done with paying for dental work (Still waiting on the final work as to whether I need anything else done) so hopefully the rest of the year will be spent putting extra on the student loan. I am currently paid up through October of 2016, so a little over a year (my student loan company will advance the due date AND apply the payment to principal). 

Okay debt bloggers, what makes you excited??

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