Friday, June 12, 2015

Travel voucher drama

You all have heard me complain (numerous times) about the extremely long length of time that it takes my firm to reimburse travel vouchers.  This year, I had expended over $1,400 out of pocket to travel on firm business and not one dime had been reimbursed.

So I took a stand, I advised the firm bookkeeper that I needed to be reimbursed for something.  I had been waiting over 3 months and was out of pocket almost $1,500.  I told her (although I did not want to) that I would speak to one of the partners if I had to as I could no longer bear the expense of extending credit to the firm for over 3 months at a time.  Well I guess she wanted it to come from her and not from me- so she spoke to one or both of the partners and the reimbursements starting rolling in. I had a check the very next day.  It was wonderful because I did not have to speak to my boss (whom is impossible to deal with) and I still got most of the money I was owed.  To date I have received checks totaling over $2,000 (this represents out of pockets costs-plus the mileage reimbursement). I still have a few travel vouchers outstanding (less than 30 days old), but that's all.

I have asked and asked over the years for my travel vouchers to be reimbursed more timely.  I always got some kind of crazy excuse (I have to balance my books first and it'll be a few weeks before I can get to it, the partners won't let me reimburse you until the client pays the bill, etc.).  However, typically the amounts were small enough that I felt that making a fuss out of a $150 travel voucher would not present me in any flattering light to my superiors.  Well, anyway, the stars perfectly aligned and everything worked out with very little chaos or stress.  That is very unusual in this firm and I expect that I will pay for it later.  Also, knowing that bookkeeper, she probably has it out for me now because she had to admit her faults to the partners.

Oh well, at least it's Friday!

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