Sunday, October 11, 2015

Catching up

I took this weekend to spend some time catching up on a few thing around the house: cleaning my bathroom, the kitchen, etc.  I plan to try and do some yard work today after I go for a walk with a friend. 

Payday is looming brightly head this coming Thursday and I am certainly looking forward to it.  I won't be able to make a huge payment on my student loan out of this upcoming pay period due to travel expenses, but I'm hoping to still put at least $1,000 on it.  That will bring me down into the $8,000s.  I am hoping with crossed fingers and sugar on top that we get Christmas bonuses this year! I would put $1,500 on my student loan out of that bonus.  Happy positive thoughts people!

Here's the progress I've made on my student loan so far this year (by month):
December 2014: $23,650
April 2015: $19,408
May 2015: $18,939
June 2015: $16,632
July: $14,824
August: $12,392
September: $9,999

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