Thursday, October 29, 2015

Missed Goal

Gosh darn it, I missed my $8,000 goal for my student loan! I was really hoping I would be able to pay it down into the high $7,000s by the end of October but, as you can see in my previous post, Murphy got in the way.  I'm very disappointed, but there have been several other missed goals on this journey to debt freedom.  Despite this missed goal I'm still making good progress on paying down my student loan.

Here are the numbers so far this year:
December 2014: $23,650
April 2015: $19,408
May 2015: $18,939
June 2015: $16,632
July: $14,824
August: $12,392
September: $9,999
October: $8,019

Also, with this most recent payment (today) on my student loan I have officially paid over $16,000 on my student loan this year.  $16,087.22 to be exact! 


  1. Very nice! Even if you're missing the little goal, you are still killing it overall!

    1. Thanks! Sometimes it doesn't feel like it, but overall it's moving in the right direction.