Wednesday, October 28, 2015

!$@!!! Murphy!!

So yesterday as I was driving home from work I noticed that my headlights looked odd in the reflection of the car in front of me.  When I got home I pulled into the garage and left the lights on so I could check.  Well, my fog lights and indicators lights were working, but 2 of the main headlights were totally out.  The other 2 were on very dim and definitely on their last legs.  My car is 9 years old and the headlight bulbs have never been replaced- so I guess it was about time to replace them. 

Anyways, I promptly went inside and researched the replacement bulbs for my car and instructions on how to replace them.  Talk about expensive!! I had 4 bulbs that had to be replaced: 2 low beam bulbs and 2 high beam bulbs.  On the internet without tax, I estimated the cost for all 4 bulbs to be about $58.  I went to the auto store today and the cost was almost $64 with tax.  However, I was able to replace the bulbs myself and save some money in that respect. I had just about $60 left in my budget for this 2 week period.  I was hoping to put that $60 towards my student loan, but that about covered the cost of the bulbs.  So much for the extra money on the loan.  Oh well.


  1. It always seems to happen just when you have the money allotted for something else! Which is why I am freaking out a bit about our emergency fund. We will get there though - we both are very determined!

  2. Yes, we can do it!! We will get there!! :)

  3. I actually hire this done on my car because they need to take off the front tire and disassemble the front headlight. The $30 I pay for labor is worth it. Good for you for doing it yourself.

    1. Oh wow! It is so simple to do on my car. Just unplugging a cord and putting in the new bulb.